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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bulu Mata Untuk Awak

Hi bloggers. I've been super duper busy this 2 weeks. Ini pun saya curi masa untuk update. Sambil makan laju laju sambil update. Kahkahkah.. Saya dapat banyak respond yang nak bulu mata. Unfortunately saya hanya akan bagi those yang leave comments here. The lucky person yang akan dapat 10 design ialah Fara Anak Abah. Yang lain pula saya akan bagi 1 setiap seorang. Baik tak saya? Baik kan! Bhahahahah.. Please email me your name and address at Okay bye! :)

P.S : Until today (27th July) there are still few names have yet email me all the details. Please do email me ASAP so that I can post to all of you. Pleaseeeeeeeee!

Thank you for reading!


  1. YEAY!!today is not relly a nice day actually but once i read your entry i was like YEAYY!!haha..tnx for saving my day n tnx for those bulu mata!i`ll email u my add=)

  2. Haha.. You're most welcome babe! Cheers! :)


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