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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Clothes Shopping

Most girls relish the opportunity to spend a day at the mall, perusing store windows and racks, chatting with friends, and bringing home a wardrobe of new, stylish clothes. Clothes shopping doesn't have to be an impossible chore. These tips for smarter shopping will help you buy a better wardrobe by spending less time and money.

Difficulty : Easy
Time Required : Varies
Here's How :
  • Have a plan. Check your closet and make a mental note of what you could use (e.g. a black turtleneck to go with menswear pants you own, etc.).

  • Set a budget. Knowing you can only pay RM100 for a dress ahead of time will help you sort through the racks quicker.

  • Start early. For special occasions allow yourself at least two weeks prior to the event to find the dress. You'll need extra time for shoes and accessories.

  • Dress for shopping. If you'll be looking for a special occasion dress, try to wear or bring undergarments (strapless bra, etc.) to go with the style. Otherwise, wear easy on/off clothes. Also, styled hair and makeup will make looking at yourself in the dressing room mirror just that much easier.

  • Shop by yourself. If you really need a second opinion, put the item on hold and bring someone back with you later.

  • Keep a blind eye to sales and promotions. Stores put enticing promotional items at the front. Chances are you'll blow your budget right there unless you stay on task.

  • Accept a salesperson's help. You may be surprised by how much time you'll save you if you'll give them some direction about what you're shopping for.

  • Try it on. Walk, sit, bend in the clothes. Do they move easily? Are the seams pulling? Do zippers, buttons, etc. all function properly?

  • Use the three-way mirror. Get an honest look at your rear and side views. Watch for extreme panty lines (too-tight pants), bunched up waist (too big) or other tell-tale signs of an ill-fitting garment.

  • Check the care tags. If laundry concerns matter to you, then you may want to do this while browsing. Otherwise, see how much care the item is going to require.

  • Check the return policy. Many stores don't give cash back, just a store credit; but some mark sale items "final sale" which means you can't bring them back at all.

Tips :
  1. Avoid buying items you can't return for at least a store credit.
  2. Never buy anything that doesn't fit perfectly. The only exceptions are pants/skirts that can be easily altered for length at the hem.
  3. It's not a bargain -- even at 90% off -- unless you actually have some way to work it into your existing wardrobe.

What You Need :

  1. Shopping list.
  2. Money: checks, cash, credit cards.
  3. A shoulderbag to keep hands free for shopping.
  4. Comfortable clothes and shoes for trying on and walking.

* Buy what you like and what is comfortable *

P.S : These shopping tips should help you fill your closet with stylish, high-quality clothes you will wear for years to come.

Thank you for reading!

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