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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Farewell Fify

OMG! I can't believe your leaving! Why do you have to leave us?? It will be very strange without you here. You have been a good friend to all of us. Thank you for being an amazing person and friend. We had so much fun with you. We will miss your voice, smile, laugh and awesome sense of humor! (Awesome ke? It's more to GILER actually! Kahkahkah). What we will miss terribly is our partner in crime! We're going to miss you more than words can say. YOU BETTER KEEP IN TOUCH!! Don't stay there too long darling! Lost without youuuuuuuuu here! T_T

We heart you Fify! :')

P.S : Take a second to view posts by my BestGirlfriendsForever about Fify too!

-- > Lyric Jezzebell Lee, Stephanie Mae and Mimi Peony.

Thank you for reading!


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