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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What You Need In Your Handbag

Girls have misconceptions on what to carry in their handbags. We always end up carrying more stuff than we need, while always rummaging for stuff we really need without avail. Based on very thorough observation and personal experiences, here are the only 10 things we really need in our handbags.

  • Wallet
To house your money, identity cards, driving license, credit cards etc. Never leave home without it. Seriously!
Your cash and cards deserve classy protection. Always

  • Blackberry / iPhone / Cell Phone
Make sure they're always fully-charged when you get out of the house. It's a small thing, but you'll never know when you'll need them to work.

Nokia 3310? What's is this, 1993?

  • Pressed Powder
No need to carry all make-up, a neutral-colored pressed powder will get you through the day.
Small but important!

  • Lip & Cheek Stain
A great combo for quick make-up fix that will keep you looking alive.

Lip and cheek combo. Simple as it is!

  • Tissue
Very important to fix almost anything. These are perfect for sniffles, red eyes or sopping up any drips or dribbles on your chin. Have one of those small travel packs ready for yourself.
You'll never know when you need 'em

  • Digital Camera
You wouldn't know what interesting stuff you come across. So keep one handy!
Take gorgeous pictures with cute digicam

  • Shades
If Nicole Richie had one, then a fashion-conscious girl should have one too. Go for a classic black color to suit every mood. The bigger the frame, the better! It will protect you from piercing sunrays and prove soothing to eyes in order to avoid headaches.
Oh, Nicole would be so proud!

  • Small Umbrella
I get it, you might drive your own car, but having this baby inside your bag is never a redundancy. This is one accessory that will save you from harsh sun as well as protect you from showers. Rain can come at any time, even in the sunniest summer day.
They come in cute packs too, nowadays!

  • Tampon / Pad
When a girl gets her period, she'll need some supplies. Tampon, pad, whatever you use, put one or two in your bag! Talk about bad timing but it can happen at any time even when you want it the least. You never, ever want to be 'surprised'.

Come on, you never know!

  • Pepper Spray
You may think your safe but you never know. It's great to have just in case you need it.
Life's saver

  • Justin Timberlake Picture
BUT for me I have 11 things not 10! My favorite man. This one only needed if you were me!! LOL! T_T
I love you!

P.S : Now, if you've figured what to carry, maybe you need to start worrying about the right handbag to tote. Good luck! :)

Thank you for reading!

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