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Friday, January 28, 2011

Cell Phone

Cell phones have become necessity for many people throughout the world. Sure I got one too and my cell phone is totally awesome! Hahaha...

When Mak saw my cell phone she said, "Ehh, you're still using this handphone! Mana ada people pakai handphone macam ni sekarang! (Ada Mak! Your daughter. T_T). Go buy new handphone!" No noooooo nooooooooo.. I WONT!

I still remember I bought this cell phone 4 years ago cost RM1550 which is same price with today's Blackberry. Gaaaardd!! If I knew Blackberry will exist I surely will keep that money first in the bank! Kahkahkah... LOL! The truth is I will not replace my cell phone with today's technically advanced cell phones. Why? Because my Sayangs gave me the money to buy it! Auwwwww thank youuu Sayangs!

So people, proudly to show you my sentimental value cell phone :


Thank you for reading!


  1. mesti la kne gne n jge elok2...sayangs bg kan....

  2. Hahhaa.. Mesti la kan Mim.. Klau nak beli hp baru pun nak sygs yg bg duitnya! Bhahahahha :)


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